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Raintree software provides automated processes to decrease and manage complexity. Specific aspects of the platform help to decrease complexity and allow for automated systems to manage complex tasks

Specific Workflows

Detailed and customizable workflows based on client needs and requirements. Templates, forms, workflows, etc can be tailored to fit the client.



Task Management


Financial Needs

Raintree addresses this client financial needs through Detailed reporting / tracking abilities, Invoice Tracking, Custom reporting based on needs of the client and Automation which reduce costs or allow for growth without adding staff.

Referral Management

Eliminating the cost barrier to receive referrals from anywhere, including the NHS or you Case Management firms. No direct connection to case management for auto referrals

Small clinic with limited budget for technology

Raintree offers an out of the box, feature rich solution at a low entry cost.

Large organisation with complex needs

We have organizations with over 500 clinics and 3,000+ physios working off a single platform Raintree solution to manage their business. Our clinical business solution for physiotherapy is customisable and with the hands on service received from you Raintree team, your system will be designed specifically to meet your business needs.

E-mail, call (951) 252-9400 extension 7159 or fill out the below form.

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